"In the past, I have tried to close out OSHPD projects and always seem to experience delays when it comes down to the paperwork on inspections. My experience with Independent Solutions has been just the opposite because they focus on the details of the required paperwork.

-Mr. Kevin Hettig
Manager Facilities Development
Memorial Care Medical Center


"Throughout the “Fast-Track” Industrial Technology Center project, I believe that Vicki’s commitment to providing outstanding service was crucial to delivering the project on schedule. She was more than willing to be of assistance, even if it meant driving to Bakersfield with me for a 6am meeting she wasn’t required to attend."

-Mr. Bruce Borg
Inspector of Record

"My experience with IS has been the personnel are knowledgeable in all areas of construction and they manage their projects from inception to completion. Most importantly their turn around time is second to none. I enjoy dealing with IS most of all because of their vast network of team members that operate on a level equal to being within the same organization. It is a One Call Does it All. Vicki and Cindy oversee the entire operation to ensure we, the client, get exactly what we want."

-Mr. Marc Hess

Senior Project Manager
Advanced Building Group

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