We believe that all team members make an important contribution to the success of our business and projects. Team members bring solutions NOT problems.

Employees Are Our Most Important Assets
We understand the true need to attract only the best and most talented individuals to be a part of our service team. We strongly believe through mentoring, training, increased challenges and seeing that they awarded for their performance it allows our team members to grow both professionally and personally.



We act with integrity never compromising our business ethics. This is the cornerstone of who we are and is vital to our overall longevity and success.

Bringing Our “A” Game – Because It’s All We’ve Got
When we decided to start our “own thing”, we made a list of everything we didn’t like about where we’ve been. Top of the list continues to be, “Not Giving the Client What You Sold.”

That list continues to be the basis of our decisions. Within the past five years we have worked on many challenging projects. Below highlights four of the more challenging projects we have had an opportunity to be a part of thus far.

We require all inspectors when beginning their partnership with Independent Solutions to complete a 24 hour “Now You Are” internship. This internship involves shadowing a core team member for 3 days at their own expense. They are required to inspect and complete the field reports as if they are inspecting.

This allows for an evaluation the new inspector’s communication, code interpretation and reporting skills as well as their overall daily attitude. We feel it is critical to not only be qualified and certified but to also fit the team as it relates to personality, outlook and overall attitude. This internship is unheard of in the industry.

Independent Solutions was formed in 2007 by Ms. Cindy Dickens and Ms. Vicki Williford after being unsatisfied with client care and project management deployed by most laboratories over the past 17 years.

Both Cindy and Vicki have been employed at the project management, new lab implementation, regional office management, business development, and issue mitigation capacity.

We believe what truely sets us apart is we have provided owners representation and construction management services for over five years.

We feel the construction management background coupled with the inspection and testing background gives us a unique perspective not found with ANY other laboratory ownership. We "get it" when a inspector is late or if an addional cost hits the project without notification.


We understand that that safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility. The primary goal is that everyone goes home at the end of the day.


We value quality and deliver excellence within our projects and our services.

Customer Satisfaction 

We walk our talk without excuses. It is through this code of conduct we are able to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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