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Camp Pendleton Replacement Hospital - $441 Million:

Camp Pendleton Replacement Hospital - $441 Million: This project was completed 6 months ahead of schedule and under budget. The project consisted of a 500,000 square foot OSHPD governed Hospital on Military ground. The project included 2, 5 level, parking structures, a central plant and a tunnel connecting the Central Plant to the Hospital Structure. At the height of the project's construction it required a total of 28 people onsite and offsite when the construction was in full swing. This also encompassed Structural Steel fabrication that took place in Arizona with 4 different 

shops spread out over 3 shifts per day. We have never missed an inspection, not showed up, been late, lost a sample, or caused an issue in our entire 3 years of working on this project.

the clock for 8 days to catch all of the testing up. Our teams worked 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift, Saturdays and Sundays until the work was complete. Vicki and I were present at each shift change to go behind the crews in order to make sure it was ready for the next day's install so as to not impact the installers. Vicki and I also personally handled the shift changes each day to make sure nothing was lost in the translation. We handled it personally because we couldn’t allow even a moment to be lost. That was the commitment we made. Time was truly of the essence. With over 800 people onsite working we couldn't afford to delay them any longer than what they already had been delayed.

Barstow Replacement Hospital - $60 million:

Barstow Replacement Hospital - $60 million: During the construction, this project required 7 full time people onsite, 3 full time people in Utah and 2 full time people in Arizona doing rebar sampling. Again, we have never missed an inspection, not showed up, been late, lost a sample, or caused an issue in our entire 3 years of working on this project. The only issue we encountered is when the pick-up truck flipped on the highway when hauling cylinders for a retaining wall.
Ground-up 56-bed replacement hospital with inpatient and outpatient services, and medical, surgical and emergency care.

Our team created a qualification procedure that the team, OSHPD and the City of LA PW Inspector accepted. This allowed the project to continue without delay or cost impact to the owner or General Contractor.

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Sunset Pedestrian Bridge- $20 million:

This project was challenging because of the joint oversight from both City of Los Angeles and OSHPD. What made it especially challenging was although full time continuous inspection was required by LADBS the contractor’s structural steel fabricator decided to fabricate 80% of the structural steel without an inspector present. This was uncovered during the kick off meeting with the City of LA PW Inspector present. Our team immediately went into action. There was talk of scraping all of the material that was done to date.

Physicians Hospital of Murrieta - $80 Million: 

Physicians Hospital of Murrieta - $80 Million: We were called out to this project in the tail end of construction and finishes. The lab of record was out there and had the production delayed over 7 weeks due to equipment failures and being unable to test the seismic anchorage in 5 floors. We won’t even mention the finishes that needed to be redone due to damage cause by the lab. This was going to impact the project’s critical path. The team called Vicki and me in to fix the problem. (It was one of our projects when we worked for the "other" lab). We put 8, 3 man, teams together to work around 

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