Call Us Today! Our field personnel are highly experienced, qualified, multi-certified project inspectors who don't believe in redesigning your project. Along with being fully licensed and insured, we provide every project with qualified personnel. Each project has administrative support during all phases of the contract. All of our projects offer a 100% secure online file storage system.

The inspectors are required to follow a strict standard for completing field daily reports.  All field reports are reviewed timely for accuracy, deficiencies, potential issues and completeness.  A separate notification will be made to the project team for each deficiency. The reviewed reports are then posted on an secure online project file storage system.
All designated team members will have access. A email notification is generated when any new reports are posted.

Sample Project Access
If you would like to preview our online file system
Click on the link and use the following user name and password:
User Name:
Password: 123456

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A final verified report is provided with all inspections therefore all projects can be closed out within 5 days of the last inspection or test.

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